About Us

About Us

The wind rose was a crucial tool in the history of navigation. Adventurers carried in their luggage dreams, illusions and this graphic rose with which they were able to sail the seas, easily recognize where the winds were coming from and reach remote points on the planet.

This magical story is for us a point of reflection and identification. Canada Wind Rose Immigration is that useful tool for all those dreamers who want to undertake the adventure of traveling to Canada. We have crossed those oceans of uncertainty, paperwork, and information. We had to decipher which wind to point to in order to reach a happy port.

Today we have prepared ourselves and continue to do so to read the Immigration rules correctly, to understand what is the appropriate wind speed for your case. Each adventure is different, each dream is different, which is why you need a tailored strategy. This is the meaning of Canada Wind Rose Immigration. We want to be your graphic letter, the guide to direct your dream of immigration. That is why we affirm “Your mission is to dream with Canada: Ours is to find the best route for you to make it come true.”

Meet Our Team

Ready to weigh anchor and help you achieve your dream of immigrating to Canada.

Yenni Villamil​

CEO and Co-Founder

Yenni Villamil is a co-founding partner of Canada Wind Rose Immigration. She is based in our Calgary office.

Oscar Chu

CEO and Co-Founder​

Oscar Chu is a co-founding partner of Canada Wind Rose Immigration. He is based in our Quebec City office.


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