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Study in Canada

Canada is best known for excellence when it comes to international studies. Canadian schools offer quality education, affordable tuition rates, a multicultural environment and a first-class student experience.

Every year, more than 600,000 international students choose Canada as their study destination.

Why study in Canada as an international student?

The reasons are as plentiful as our vast open spaces, as diverse as our people, and as abundant as the opportunities available to those who live, work and study here.

Studying in Canada is affordable. The tuition is normally lower than in the United States, Australia and the U.K.

Foreign nationals are required to obtain a study permit for engaging in a language program, academic, professional, vocational or other education or training that is more than six months in duration at a designated learning institution (DLI) in Canada. You should also note that you must apply for and obtain a study permit before coming to Canada.

Parents can also apply for their accompanying children’ study permits as applicable, and they will be able to study for free.

Student Graduated Visa

Do you want to work while you study in Canada?

Do you have a spouse or common-law partner who would like to work during your time here? Both of you can work while you study in Canada.

International students do not need a work permit to work while studying. The study permit will state whether you are allowed to work off-campus.

Working in Canada can help you develop business contacts and gain work experience to apply for permanent residency.

– On-campus work

– Off-campus work

– Co-op placements

– Internships

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